hey there friends

Thanks for being patient with me

These last few months have been seriously crazy for me. I've got some news to share with you! I know I promised this a little while ago but as I've said my life has been crazy. Anyway now my news:

This fall I started my sophomore year at college. 
I was more excited than ever because I finally found the right school for me!
In case you're wondering I am majoring in archeology and ceramics and I'm pumped.
However this happiness was a little bit dampened because of some health problems I have been having.
It all started back on February 6th of this year with the god damn snow storm!!

You see I get these seriously horrific migraines. 
And now it turns out that my whole nervous system is fucked.
Shit, yeah I know...

Anyway I attempted to balance college with all this going on,
yeah such a bad idea!
Now I have decided I must take the next semester off,
which should be enough time, plus next summer, to get all this crap figured out.
At least I really, really hope so!

So again, thanks so much for being patient with me through all this.
Now that I've got a a lot more time on my hands I promise I will return to regular posting again.
Hopefully I'll even be able to manage posting daily!
Well let's be realistic about this, regular posting after the holidays,
I've still got a lot of shopping to do.

Till next time...

Oh ps. how fantastic is that picture? I don't know where this is but I'd like to put a cute little house right in that clearing. Can't you see it now? A little wooden house with white windows and a moss covered roof?! I sure can. 




Hello there, today happens to be Friday! I am sure you were already aware of that but I thought I would inform you anyway, incase you had forgotten or something like that. And what is even better than the fact today is Friday you ask?! It is Friday and I have a new dress to wear today! This fantastic dress is the result of the give away I won a month or so ago from the Drifter and the Gypsy. It came in the mail yesterday and it it amazing! Best purchase in such a while! 
Hope your friday is going as well as mine.

Also I can't wait for it to snow.


november where did you go?

Incase you hadn't noticed it is December already

Apparently I was one of those who neglected to notice how quickly time was passing by. Just today I realized that is has been over a month since I had a new post. This is unacceptable, as I'm sure you agree. However... I am glad to share that I have made some major changes in the past month. I hope that these will allow me to pay more attention to my lovely blog here. I'll be sure to share these with you in a few days but for now just light yourself a cozy fire and cuddle up with blanket, my favorite thing to do on a rainy day such as thus. 


perfect october wardrobe

These four tops are just a taste of what's for sale now on the Wildfox Couture website. All I've got so say is... these clothes are the embodiment of my personality. I've seriously got to find away to make some money soon and put this poor college student thing in the past because these clothes are calling my name! I recently ordered some similar tops like the Sparkle & Fade Skull Striped tee and the Tarot Card tee (I cannot wait to see this beauty in my closet) form Urban. Check them out they're pretty wicked. 

hello kitty kitty


I adopted an adorable cat named Arwen a few months back. She's such a cutie. Also a little insane but that just adds to her character. She is being a grump today and won't come snuggle next to me. Thus I had to get my cute cat fix somewhere else today. Thank goodness for flickr. 

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